Podcast 69: Happy Christmahanakwanzaka

Holy Jeebus, we brought in the largest group ever for our holiday party podcast. We talk about what we want for Christmas, play a game that teaches us that giving is the real gift, and talk about the naming of our bikes. We also cover what we’re working on, and our trip to the last motorcycle dealer in Santa Cruz for their 50th anniversary. With Liza, Matt, Cyndi, Douglas, Nak, Donut, James, Lucas, Jake, Speedo, Mary, Mike, Megan, Rich, Electric Terry, Zoe, Zach and Buck. Special thanks to our beer wench, Jessica.

Podcast 68: Bring On The Newbs

This week the newbs step up and share their perspectives and remind us what it’s like to be a new rider. Megan takes the group to the DMV to do the dreaded lollipop test, Antonio picks the winner of the 3 way dueling porn pick of the week, we cover what we did today, and Lucas annoys everyone. With Megan, John, Douglas, Liza, Fei, Mason, Kat, Moti, Rebecca, Zach, Antonio, Nak and Lucas.

Podcast 67: Mud and Farkles

This week we go dirtbiking, well more like mudbiking. Zach learns what a pain in the ass carbs can be, Doug finishes the YZ250F, and then we talk about gadgets and creature comforts that we can’t live without. With Liza, Douglas, Bagel, Zach, Megan, Nak, Andrew, Stan and Lucas.

Podcast 66: Buttworthy

This week we give the boys the night off, and get to hear the female perspective on all things motorcycling. Topics include our own list of best bikes for women, some interesting statistics, and finding the right gear. We also have a Craigslist porn pic and a Motobandido commercial. With LIza, Megan, Jeanette, Lili, Cyndi and Zephyr.