Podcast 294: The usual garage talk

Liza is away and the crew shoot the shit on a rainy day. We start wrapping up on Gavin’s bike, start unraveling the heart of Henry’s Guzzi, try to sort out who is Zee’s mystery passenger, and rattle off some emails.

With: Henry, Scott, Nak, Bagel, Emma and Zee.

Podcast 292: Here’s To Mud In Your Eye aka You’re Gonna Get It Jim

This week on our motorcycle podcast we dive right into our 4 days of fun over the New Year weekend. Minibikes, a gimp mask, teeter totters and dirt bikes make for a good time. Then we hear from our friend Cat McLeod of Leod Escapes, who shares some great travel advice and reasons why you should go ride in Italy. Then we hear from Nak who has been making more improvements to his Ninja 650. This time it’s a new slipper clutch. Lastly we get an update from the AMA, and then read listener emails which may include another Harley bashing speech from Liza.
With Liza, Bagel, Nak and Jeremy
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