Podcast 297: The 2019 One Moto Show

This week on our motorcycle podcast we head up to Portland, OR for the 10th anniversary of the One Motorcycle Show. They know how to put on a great event, with motorcycles, mini bike races, vendors, bands, art, food and beer trucks all in an industrial building that use to be a pickle factory. We have such a good time running into old friends and making new friends there. And we can always count on running into other Misfits there too. We got a lot of great interviews with builders like Tim from Muenstermann Builds and J. Shia of Madhouse Motors. We talked to Harlold from Giant Loop and Kevin from Velomacchi, who both make rugged bags for world travel. Then we hear from Dan at Cake, a new electric motorcycle company, and Brandon who’s doing amazing things with scooters at the Scooter Swap Shop. We discover a whole new spin on buying accessories with the Biker Gear Club, and talk to Dave who’s trying to make the world a better place with his Highway to Health charity. Danger Dan is back to give us his race report from the best race of the night at the flat track races. And of course we throw in our stories and highlights from the weekend. Thanks again to Thor and Tori for putting on such a great event and Amanda at Icon for making our dreams come true.

With Liza, Miss Emma, Naked Jim, Award Winning Mike, Bagel and Nak. http://www.the1moto.com/ http://www.madhousemotors.com/ http://www.rideicon.com/ https://bikergearclub.com http://www.dangerdanstalkshop.com/ https://www.giantloopmoto.com/ https://www.velomacchi.com https://scooterswapshop.com/ https://ridecake.com/

Podcast 296: Coming In Hot

This week on our motorcycle podcast we don’t have any big topics, so we just shoot the shit. We talk about some new riders who came in for help with their bikes, and Emma shares a story about a Grom on her lift. Jim and Liza talk about setting up a proper moto garage for a friend in S. Dakota, and then we give Matt Barlow a call. He tells us about his dirt biking trip to S. Utah that ended in him in the back of a pick up truck being taken to the hospital with multiple fractures. Then we finish up with listener emails and answer some burning questions.
With Liza, Henry,Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma and Naked Jim.
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