Podcast 333: Liza’s Epic WRWR Ride Report

This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza returns from her trip across country, and shares some of her stories. If the goal of this ride was to push everyone’s limits as riders, then it was a success.
We also talk about the latest rumors about the Long Way Up production and if this might be the straw that breaks Harley’s back. In fact, how much might it hurt or help the electric motorcycle industry? We throw out our speculations and suggest keeping an eye as more news come out.
Lastly, we finish with emails, and Bagel is tested with possible the hardest accent to replicate: that of a Finnish woman in Minnesota.
With Naked Jim, Nak, Liza, Bagel, Emma, Rose, Isaac, Morgan and Raymond.
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Podcast 332: Rides, rides and rides

On this motorcycle podcast: We get a couple of ride reports foreign and domestic. Mycah talks about the Babes Ride Out. Scott talks bout riding in Europe and Japan. What We Did Today. Emails, and old friends talk about what’s new.

With: Mycah, Charley, Emma, Bagel, Nak, Scott, John D, Henry, Jim