Podcast 61: Getting Electrified with Terry Hershner

This week we have special guest Terry Hershner, who is disproving all of the limitations with electric motorcycles and setting records. He has ridden cross country, won the Vetter challenge, and has completed an Iron Butt all on his 2012 Zero S bike. We also hear about Doug’s first time flat tracking, and what he came home with in the back of his truck. Then we play a round of What’s It Worth and catch up on emails. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Nak, Terry, Jake, Zach and Bagel. Follow Terry at www.facebook.com/terryhershner

Podcast 60: Nak Knows His Shit

It’s Lucas’s birthday, so he went home to go drink alone. The rest of us stuck around to discus what we did today, when it’s time to buy electric, 12 O’ Clock Boys, the Ducati Scrambler, buying a Vespa at Costco, and how well Nak knows his Hondas. With Liza, Douglas, Nak, Bagel, Zach and Adrian.

Podcast 59: Git Yer Free Fluids Here

This week we get a recap on our weekend of fun, including what we are working on, our trip to Canepa motors, and a ride to the Gizdich pie barn. Then we hear from Lucas and his tales of woe working with an insurance company after being in an accident. Next we hear irrelevant motorcycle news, discuss lifting the 186mph cap on bikes, and get a surprise visit from fluid donor James. With Liza, Doug, Adrian, Megan, Nak, Lucas, Zach, Desmond and James.

Podcast 58: I’m Too Old For This Sh*t

Things are HOT this week. Doug and Liza go dirt biking and almost perish in the heat. Next we catch up with what’s going on in the garage, and then Doug get’s to play a round of How Well Do You Know Your Bike(s)? We do a What’s It Worth segment and find out that not many of us know what a Panigale is actually worth. Lastly, Lucas shares his opinion on the new Kawasaki H2. With Liza, Douglas, Nak, Lucas, Megan, James, Bagel, Mason, Zach, Josh and Antonio.

Podcast 56: Get Well Buddy!

This week we read emails and listener Henry calls in for some advice. Then we go over what we did today, catch up with Dr. Hardass, and discuss improving visibility on the road. We also get recent ride reports. With Liza, Douglas, Nak, Adrian, Megan and Alon.

Podcast 55: Missing Minibikes & Moped

This week we share the bad news that not only were our two CT70’s stolen from the garage, but Jake’s moped was stolen from her backyard 1 block away too. We hear from Kat who shares her stories of her recent MSF class. Nak brings up a hot topic on the BARF forum, James and Mason test ride and compare 3 of our bikes, and Liza shares some weird motorcycle news from the internet. Also, what we did today, and Craigslist porn pic of the week.

Podcast 54: Two Bulls On A Hill

This week we get to know Charles, who recently completed 2 iron butts. Then he shares all sorts of stories from his long and rich history of motorcycling. We also do a dueling craigslist porn pic, read listener emails, get a ride report from Liza, Nak and Bagel, and catch up on what we did today. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Charles, Josh, Bagel and Nak.