Podcast 74: And THATS A Dildo

This week on our motorcycle podcast we have fun in the motorcycle garage with a new game called “Feel Er Up”. We cover what we are working on in the garage, the responsibility of teaching someone how to ride, and we cover listener emails. Then Nak talks about changing tires by hand, and Lucas contemplates maturity. With Liza, Nak, Zach, Josh, Lucas, Mike, Bagel and Justin.

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Podcast 73: Pakistan Rediscovered

We are coming to you with a special motorcycle podcast with the one and only Moin Kahn from Pakistan. He has organized motorcycle trips through his beloved country for Americans to experience the beauty and hospitality themselves. We have featured some of the riders on past episodes #49 & #65. Moin has done so much more than this, including riding a CB600F4I from San Francisco to Pakistan, starting a school for girls, and creating a documentary from one of the motorcycle trips. Listen and be inspired.


Podcast 72: Snow Way I’m Riding In That

This week on our motorcycle podcast we enjoy our beautiful warm weather while the rest of the country is getting battered by a winter storm. So, to tell us what it’s like for everyone else, listener Jesse calls in to tell us about riding a motorcycle in snow and ice of Minnesota. We also catch up on what we did in the motorcycle garage today, play a round of What’s It Worth?! Douglas does a product review and makes an apology, and Adrien shares some interesting motorcycle news. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Nak, Lucas, Megan, Zach, James, Josh and Bagel.

Podcast 71: Derping Hurts

This week on our motorcycle podcast we get a bit giddy. We cover our latest adventures flat tracking and dirt biking, as well as what we worked on today. Then Bagel tries to convince us that scooters really are cool. Next up, we talk about potential future projects as well as Zach’s current project list. Lastly, the boys surprise Liza with a round of How Well Do You Know Your Bike? Also included are a Craigslis Porn Pick and a brand new Motobandido commerrcial. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Nak, Bagel, Mike, Jonathan and Zach.

Podcast 69: Happy Christmahanakwanzaka

Holy Jeebus, we brought in the largest group ever for our holiday party podcast. We talk about what we want for Christmas, play a game that teaches us that giving is the real gift, and talk about the naming of our bikes. We also cover what we’re working on, and our trip to the last motorcycle dealer in Santa Cruz for their 50th anniversary. With Liza, Matt, Cyndi, Douglas, Nak, Donut, James, Lucas, Jake, Speedo, Mary, Mike, Megan, Rich, Electric Terry, Zoe, Zach and Buck. Special thanks to our beer wench, Jessica.

Podcast 68: Bring On The Newbs

This week the newbs step up and share their perspectives and remind us what it’s like to be a new rider. Megan takes the group to the DMV to do the dreaded lollipop test, Antonio picks the winner of the 3 way dueling porn pick of the week, we cover what we did today, and Lucas annoys everyone. With Megan, John, Douglas, Liza, Fei, Mason, Kat, Moti, Rebecca, Zach, Antonio, Nak and Lucas.

Podcast 67: Mud and Farkles

This week we go dirtbiking, well more like mudbiking. Zach learns what a pain in the ass carbs can be, Doug finishes the YZ250F, and then we talk about gadgets and creature comforts that we can’t live without. With Liza, Douglas, Bagel, Zach, Megan, Nak, Andrew, Stan and Lucas.