Podcast 56: Get Well Buddy!

This week we read emails and listener Henry calls in for some advice. Then we go over what we did today, catch up with Dr. Hardass, and discuss improving visibility on the road. We also get recent ride reports. With Liza, Douglas, Nak, Adrian, Megan and Alon.

Podcast 55: Missing Minibikes & Moped

This week we share the bad news that not only were our two CT70’s stolen from the garage, but Jake’s moped was stolen from her backyard 1 block away too. We hear from Kat who shares her stories of her recent MSF class. Nak brings up a hot topic on the BARF forum, James and Mason test ride and compare 3 of our bikes, and Liza shares some weird motorcycle news from the internet. Also, what we did today, and Craigslist porn pic of the week.

Podcast 54: Two Bulls On A Hill

This week we get to know Charles, who recently completed 2 iron butts. Then he shares all sorts of stories from his long and rich history of motorcycling. We also do a dueling craigslist porn pic, read listener emails, get a ride report from Liza, Nak and Bagel, and catch up on what we did today. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Charles, Josh, Bagel and Nak.

Podcast 53: Kickstart This

This week we get Megan’s crash report, Liza rants about Craigslist (again)and Doug get’s frustrated with an unfriendly engine rebuild, Then we look at motorcycle projects on Kickstarter, and discuss the recent controversy surrounding the CHP’s removal of the lane splitting guidelines. Also, Lucas looses his shit. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Megan, Lucas and Nak.

Podcast 51: Getting Stuff Done

This week we have a bunch of projects and get a lot done. Some are successful, and some are not. We catch up on bikes bought and sold, do another dueling craigslist porn pic, and read listener emails, and find out what Lucas has crashed this week. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Nak and Josh.

Podcast 50: Anniversary Party

Woo-hoo! This marks 1 year of podcasting. This week Nak takes the reigns and tries his hand at hosting. T-shirt winner Dave share his “up the butt” bike, Doug recaps the Vampire’s night ride, Kat learns how to change her stem bearings, Megan get’s riding lessons, Liza vents about selling on craigslist, and we have a get to know with Josh. With Doug, Adrian, Nak, Kat, Megan, Liza, Zoe, Antonio, James, Mason, Donut and Josh.

Mini-sode: Movistar Prank

Well, here’s the poop. We recorded an amazing podcast this week, but lost it to the computer demons. So Megan and Liza came together to tell the story of the prank played this week. It was just too good not to share. Also, we make an announcement about a tshirt giveaway next week.