Episode 30: Scooterists are people, too…. kinda…

In this Mods Vs Rockers themed session, we talk about our current projects, how Megan fakackered Antonio’s wheel, and death defying scooters. We discuss gear, Lucas has a showdown, and Doug kills the XL175… all in this week’s episode of Motorcycles & Misfits! With Liza, Doug, Megan, Lucas, Nak, Sallie, Adrian, Andrew, and special guests Lisa and Bagel.

Bonus Podcast: Fate, Faith and Superstitions

So we decided to try something interesting. We got together with the guys at the Cleveland Moto Podcast and thought it would be interesting to cover the same topic between our two groups and see how they compare. We invited some of our local Vampires MC (they suck, get it?) and some of our regular Santa Cruz nut jobs (Laif and Zoe) and got into it. So listen to this, and then head over to clevelandmoto.blogspot.com and see what Phil and the boys have to say.