Podcast 47: Off To The Races

This week we close the shop again, and head down to the World Superbike races at Laguna Seca. While there we test rode the new Yamaha FZ-07, looked at lots of cool bikes, talked to lots of neat people and ate meat on a stick. Old friend Curt came by for a get-to-know, and we share our Craigslist porn pic of the week. With Douglas, Liza, Nak, James and Curt.

Podcast 46: Hipsterrific

This week we share stories of Mikes first long ride on his janky concours. We watch a woman flip a quad and get taken away in an ambulance, and hipster Jake learns how to change his fork seals while Eva gives him the emotional support he needs to finish. Then newcomers Eva and Craig tell us what their up the butt bikes are. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Nak, Megan, Mike, Bagel, Eva and Craig.

Podcast 45: The Domino Effect

Another weekend of fun. We started with Doug’s birthday event, and then we spent Sunday at the Bikes on the Bay vintage motorcycle show. We met a lot of cool people, sold a lot of stuff at the swap meet, and learned that you can actually play dominoes with motorcycles. Then we get to hear from Lucas, who did his very first track day, and only crashed once. With Douglas, Liza, Lucas, Kat, Mason and James.

Episode 44: New Faces, Old Places

What a good weekend we had! Saturday we wrenched on bikes, and listener Andrew came by to visit. Sunday we all went dirt biking and popped some more dirt cherries. Mason gives us his crash story, and Bagel catches us up on his scooter cannonball run. With Liza, Douglas, Adrian, Speedo, Jake, Buck, Bagel, James, Mason, Megan, Lucas and Nak.

Episode 43: Popping Nak’s Cherry

This week Stan drops by and shares his story of bike vs. deer. Nak’s dirt cherry get’s popped and he’s pissed that he wants a dirt bike now. James looks for a dick on his bike that isn’t there, and Lucas finds out via the podcast that there ARE dicks on his bike. We also discuss basic tools that all bike owners should own. With Liza, Nak, Stan, James and Mason. http://www.redbull.com/en/motorsports/offroad/stories/1331654497290/erzbergrodeo-2014-red-bull-hare-scramble-video-on-dema

Episode 42: Hooligan Again

It’s that time of year again, it’s the hooligan ride! We share our stories from our weekend of wrecklessness. No that wasn’t a typo. We just had less wrecks this year. Next we discuss what makes a rider “accomplished”, how not to strap a bike down, and we have another craigslist porn pick of the week. With Douglas, Liza, Nak, Lucas, Donut and Adrian.

Episode 41: Pride and Peach Nuts

We have a full house this time. The Slugs stop by to respond to Megan’s taunts. Some get new bikes, and some get old bikes running, and a bunch of us ride our bikes in the local pride parade. We also discuss ear protection and lane splitting. With Liza, Douglas, Nak, Lucas, Donut, Liam, Duncan, James, Kat, Adrian, Jake and Mason.

Episode 40: Mixed Nuts and Loose Screws

This is a very special session we did about riding motorcycles and mental health. Many people have struggles in life, and getting on a motorcycle and going for a ride can be a breath of fresh air, or in some situations, a lifeline. Members of our own community come together to share their situations and stories of how important riding is to them. We are also joined by Paul Pelland who is riding a million miles with Multiple Sclerosis. Please check out his page at longhaulpaul.com