Episode 39: Flashback

This week we visit a dream garage at Canepa Motors, Doug grinds his gears, Speedo talks about his plans on his current project, and we all discuss bikes that intimidate us. With Douglas, Liza, Speedo, Justin and Lucas.

Episode 38: Losing Parts Left and Right

This week we catch up with the goings on at the garage. Including our garage sale, movie night, Donut’s crash, Jake’s birthday, Megan’s dirtbike falling apart, what we are working on, and who stopped by the garage. With Liza, Douglas, Megan, Adrian, Donut and Nak.

Episode 35: The Unformed Brain of the Teenager

This week we catch up with our current projects, including Mike’s crashed CB550 and Speedo’s progress with the Maxim 750. Justin, Liza and Lucas get dirtbikes ready for a weekend of riding, Donut goes to the dunes, Speedo explains how teenagers brains work and Lucas gets to deal with the DMV again. With Liza, Lucas, Adrien, Nak, Speedo, Donut and Hard Ass.

Episode 34: Overcoming

Have you ever had to overcome fear on a motorcycle? Maybe when you first started riding, or maybe after you’ve crashed? We all go through it at some point, but so rarely do we discuss it. With Douglas, Liza, Jon, Moti, Jason, Josh and Lonnie.

Episode 33: Take The Long Way Home

This week listener Tristan joins us and shares his stories from his ride down the west coast. We talk about our latest shenanigans in the garage, what we are working on, and also discuss the pros and cons of helmet laws. We also have some fun with a live read Motobandido commercial. With Liza, Douglas, Adrien, Lucas, Bagel, Megan, Moti,, John, Tristan and Antonio. Enjoy!