Podcast 105: Get a Bucket For Your Brain

This week on our motorcycle podcast we hear from Jeff from Canada, who has been with us for a week, and is convinced that Californians ride like hooligans all the time.
Next up we talk about the helmet law. I know, we’ve talked about this before, but not with Paul and Craig. They both spent their lives working for the National Highway Safety Administration, where Paul spent time helping to implement the helmet laws in different states. We also learn about Richard Quigley, who won a ruling in the California Supreme Court that said that it was illegal for the CHP to enforce the helmet law. So instead of repealing the law, they gave Richard a pass to ride without a helmet. We also get an update on Craig Vetter and his recovery from his accident, Lucas rants about something unfair, and Bagel updates us on the current situation at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
With Liza, Douglas, Bagel, Lucas, Jeff, Craig, Paul, Zach and Jim.
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