Podcast 106: Who You Gonna Call?

This week on our motorcycle podcast we hear from Kat who bought a new bike, and Megan, who had her first track day. Next up, Liza explains why she peed her pants a little, and there may or may not have been dicks involved. Then we hear from our guest this week, Dave and Michael from the offices of Russ Brown, motorcycle attorneys. They explain what the BAM program is, and why everyone should sign up for the free roadside assistance program. They tell us their personal stories and give us some great advice. Liza learns that she is way under insured, and Dave share’s his up the butt bike(s). Lastly, Liza announces that she will be gone for the next few weeks off on her ride through Pakistan. With Liza, Douglas, Kat, Lucas, Antonio, Megan, Dave, Michael, Zach, Mike, Nak and Bagel.
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