Podcast 148: Mean Megan and the Sheetiron 300

This week on our motorcycle podcast, we hear from Naked Jim, who nearly died while dirtbiking at Hollister Hills.
Emma receives accolades for helping John get his bike running after 6 months of futile attempts.
Megan, Cyndi and Matt talk about their recent adventure trip on the Oakland MC’s annual Sheetiron 300 dualsport rally.
Nak finds an amazing deal for the Craigslist Porn Pick of the Week.
Mike and Liza discuss their new support group, Bikeaholics Anonymous, and the 12 steps to gaining control of your life. We thought Kat needed an intervention, but it turns out the Bagel is the worst off of the group. We only hope he comes to turns, and seeks the help and support he truly needs.
Lastly, we read our favorite email of the week, where listener Keith doesn’t take our advice and comes out a winner in spite.
With Liza, Charley, Bagel, Nak, Matt, Cyndi, Megan, Emma, Mike, Douglas, Kat, Naked, Jim, John, Isaac and Clay.
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