Podcast 151: Fast and Furious with Marc Fenigstein of Alta Motors

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Marc Fenigstein, CEO of Alta Motors, here to talk about their Redshift MX and Supermoto bikes. These are cutting age, race ready bikes that are, wait for it……electric! Yep, here we go again with another local company forging their path and pushing the boundaries of performance motos with these amazing bikes. We are fortunate to be here in the middle of this technology boom, and are glad we can share it with our listeners. The goal at Alta is to create motorcycles that are easier to ride fast than anything else out there. They build electric bikes with instant throttle response and flat, endless torque. We’re talking performance machines that are blowing away gas bikes. This is the future, and the future is now.
We also talk about the SF pride parade and how Liza’s gone full circle and bat shit crazy.
Kat defends being called stupid by Liza, because she wants to take her perfect bike and make it ugly.
Emma has worked her magic again, and problem solved a bikes issue that Zach couldn’t figure out for a year. We love Emma!
We read some more great listener emails. Keep the love coming!
With Liza, Zach, Bagel, Charley, Nak, Douglas, Kat, Isaac, Michael and Emma.

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