Podcast 174: Mud ‘N Run

This week on our motorcycle podcast we get the cops called on us while muddin in a field.
Max and Will from Canada join us as they are heading down to Baja on their bikes, and tell us about their fleet of bikes back home.
We play a round of What’s It Worth with a special circus bike.
Andy tells everyone about his miserably wonderful trip to Portland and a poor choice of a bike that he loves dearly.
Charley gets a wheelie lesson from Douglas, and shares with us his new bike.
Lastly, we read emails from members of Emma’s Army, which turns out doesn’t actually protect anything but instead just gets drunk and shits the bed.
With Liza, Douglas, Bagel, Kat, Nak, Andy, Max, Will, Emma, Michael, Naked Jim and Charley.
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