Podcast 186: Poll Brown, Tifffany Camhi and the Dirtbag Challenge

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Poll Brown and Tiffany Camhi. Poll is the man behind the Dirtbag Challenge, a low rent chopper build off that we attend every year. It’s hard to accurately describe this event. It’s like the mosh pit of bike shows, and is an event that needs to be experienced. Contestants have a limited budget and a short amount of time to build a bike that can endure a lengthy road trip. Poll has a long history with motorcycles, and we learn all about this mysterious man in the striped sweater, including what his UTB bike is.
Tiffany is a reporter who experienced the Dirtbag Challenge up close by riding along on the 200 mile journey, while getting to know Poll and the other builders along the way. Like many people who attend this event, she has been inspired to build her own budget chopper.
With Liza, Bagel, Nak, Douglas, Mike, Emma, Tiffany, Poll, Mycah, Naked Jim, Charley and the peanut gallery.
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