Podcast 194: 250cc Superhero – Stephanie Yue

This week on our motorcycle podcast, Liza is out and the Misfits are running the show. We start with a report of who got what done, and find out who showed up on a new bike.
We get an update from our man on the street, Matt Harris of 40Cal Customs, who is racing down at Daytona Bike Week.
Then we talk with Stephanie Yue, who is a long distance scooter rider, who has ridden over 60,000 miles across N. America by Vespa. She has managed to create the life many of us wish we could have, working while on her grand tour.
Lastly, we finish up with listener emails, including one by Mark, who happens to be sitting in for the recording.
With Bagel, Nak, Michael, Mark, Emma, Stephanie, Moustafah, Jeremy and Evan.
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