Podcast 195: There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Idea, Is There?

This week on our motorcycle podcast, we hear from Emma who attended the last Clubmans All British Bike Show. We also talk about some of the latest projects in the garage, including a pesky Nighthawk 250 that keeps breaking and losing it’s exhaust studs. For more than a year we’ve been trying to solve this mystery, and Emma thinks she’s figured it out.
Then we get into our main topic, which is “Big Ideas”. We’ve all got them. Some of us just talk about them and some of us are making them happen. And Terry might prove us all wrong that his is not crazy. You be the judge.
Next up, we read a Craigslist ad that deserves an Emmy or Oscar, or………shit. We really need to come up with awards for well written ads. I’ll ad that to my big ideas list.
Then we finish with listener emails, that bring up subjects like “Does a bike have a soul?” and “Maybe Google translator doesn’t always work” and my favorite, “Ouch, I broke my knee!”
With Liza, Isaac, Bagel, Nak, Bex, Naked Jim, Charley, Mycah, Miss Emma, Electric Terry and Henry.
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