Podcast 196: So You Want To Rebuild An Engine?

This week on our motorcycle podcast, we find out who got a new bike. #10 in fact. We also catch up on progress with bikes, including a couple of people who discovered they need an engine rebuild. Which brings us to our topic today: Rebuilding Your Engine.
Taking on a big project like this can be fun, or it can be daunting and frustrating. We’ve learned our lessons through the years, and are here to share our experience with you. We talk about the four big things to make it an easy and successful job: Workspace, money, time and tools.
Lastly, we finish up with listener emails, including a funny one from Sheila about a father who thinks he can ride and his son, who’s figured out he can’t.
With Liza, Bagel, Bex, Andy, Miss Emma, Naked Jim, Henry, Nak, Electric Terry and Zach.
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