Podcast 200: The Real Vetter Challenge

This week on our motorcycle podcast we take a special trip down to Carmel where we visit Craig, Carol and Zak Vetter at their home. Craig Vetter is an icon in the motorcycle industry most known for inventing the Windjammer fairing, designing the Triumph Hurricane, and most lately working with riders like Electric Terry to create fuel efficient streamlined bikes and hosting the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge.
In August of 2015, Craig was riding his streamlined scooter down a street near his home, when he was struck by a deer and knocked off his bike. It was a day that changed his life forever, and his family’s too. Craig suffered from a traumatic brain injury, and lost an entire year of his life that he cannot remember. With the help of his family, friends and community, he has been recovering slowly, and improving every day. So this isn’t just his story, it’s really his family’s story of how their lives have changed taking care of someone with a TBI, and how a small army came to support them and help them through this difficult period.
With Liza, Emma, Craig, Carol and Zak.
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