Podcast 202: Defining Lines with the Bike Life

This week on our motorcycle podcast we catch up with the goings on for the past week including dirt biking, an altercation with a duck, and there’s no such thing as a free bike.
Next up we discuss the Bike Life trend as discussed in a recent NY Times article. Where do we draw the line individually between our hooligan rides, and these kids who are blatantly breaking the laws of the road. Is there a difference between us and them? To help us draw the line, we are joined by media mogul and funny guy Karel, who has a lot to say as a rider himself.
Then we continue the theme of drawing a line as we discuss Emma and her racket of getting cheap bikes.
Lastly, we catch up on listener emails and share a few updates.
With Liza, Bagel, Nak, Douglas, Isaac, Miss Emma, Kat, John Dalton, Naked Jim and Magic Mike.
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