Podcast 205: Possum Interruption Take 2

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by guests Leah and Jaime, who came to Santa Cruz to celebrate Leah’s birthday. They got to experience the shit show we put on each week, and somehow seemed to be entertained. We catch up on our recent rides, including popping some dirt cherries with a few of the ladies here. Then we jump into listener emails, where we take the time to answer some questions regarding needed advice. It is debatable whether the advice given is sound or not, but it basically boils down to drilling out your jets whenever trying to properly tune your bike. So keep those emails coming, and be sure to drop a little cash in the bucket to be sure to get them read on air.
With Liza, Douglas, Kat, Isaac, Miss Emma, Leah, Jaime, Naked Jim, Bex, and a little possum we’ll call Saul.
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