Podcast 206: Get To Know The New CEO: Sam Paschel of Zero Motorcycles

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Sam Paschel, the new CEO of Zero Motorcycles. He’s a rider with a fondness for the vintage bikes, but he’s a full convert to electric now. We get to know about his biking past, and the future of Zero Motorcycles.
But first we get a report from Mike and Charley about the Vampires rally, and the shall we call it”spirited” ride.
Then we play a round of Cool Or Fool, and find out what everyone thinks of this Craigslist DR350 that’s been converted to electric.
We read some listener emails, and find out what stupid thing Liza said that got some listeners riled up.
Lastly, we hear from Charley and Mycah who just returned from a trip to Holland where they rented an MT125 and an RC125. Both bikes that we can’t get here in the states.
With Liza, Miss Emma, Mycah, Bex, Sam, Mike, Charley and Nak.
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