Podcast 209: Laughing Our Asses off AKA The S**t Show


This week on our motorcycle podcast, we bring to you the shit show. It’s not that it’s not entertaining and full of valuable information, it’s just a packed house and things get a little wild and loud. First we talk about the Hollister Rally and our quick paced ride to Pinnacles National Park where Liza almost passes out at 120mph. Then we cover what we’re working on in the garage, and find out what lesson Jeremy learns. We hear a rap from our friend Siobhan, that for some reason brings up all of Mikes insecurities. We hear from Jeremy who totaled his R6 this week, and gives us a crash report. We also hear from Isaac and Kat who have some Craigslist rants to get off their chests. Here’s where things start to get a little silly. In response to Jim wishing he had a bigger bike, Liza raises the question if bigger is better? It doesn’t take a genius to guess where the conversation goes from there, but it turns to a new question about if your penis was a motorcycle, which one would it be? Riots and laughter ensue. Finally we read some listener emails and try to give out some solid advice. Did you notice I said try?
With Liza, Bagel, Andrew, Isaac, Miss Emma, Nak, Mike, Kat, Douglas, Jon Dalton, Jeremy, Craig, Naked Jim, Bex, Henry and Jamyl.
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