Podcast 212: We Love Our Listeners! & F**k/Marry/Kill Misfit Style

This week on our motorcycle podcast we have an unruly crowd. The weather’s been great (we know the weather is always great here, but it been extra great) and we’ve been having lots of fun with our motorcycles and each other.
We hear from Mike and Andy, who took a road trip to Tahoe, and Andy didn’t have to ride his POS chopper. See what a difference the lack of misery adds to your trip Andy?
Then we hear from John Dalton, who recently visited an amazing moto junkyard in Fresno called APF Cycle Salvage. If he could live there, he would.
Next we cover some listener emails including some from our friends who visited us at the AMA Vintage Days.
Now here’s where the fun really starts because it’s gametime! We play a round of F**k, Marry, Kill Misfits version. You never know what names you’re going to pull out of the bag, but it’s for sure the Misfits will make it funny.
Then we continue reading emails, because we just have so many to catch up on. Our listeners are the greatest, and we love to hear the stories from people around the world. And sometimes they bring up great topics, like the email Kat reads about getting back on the bike after a horrendous accident. Keep the emails coming!
With Liza, Bagel, Miss Emma, Naked Jim, Isaac, Mike, Douglas, Kat, Bex, Nak, John Dalton, Jeremy, Faith and Andy.
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