Podcast 214: Talking Choppers With Basket Case Magazine

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Josh and Phil from Basket Case Magazine. Josh was on our show about a year ago, and things have been blowing up since. They bring us up to speed on all the new things happening with the magazine including their new bike show that a lot of the Misfits recently attended, as well as what the recent trends in choppers are. We also throw some Craigslist bikes at them to see how well they rate, and how much they think they’re worth.
Then we announce a new contest with the prize being a brand new 3/4 Bell Helmet, a Basket Case Tshirt and some other awesome swag. Just email us your best roadside repair story, and if it’s really good, they just might print it in the next issue.
In this week’s throw them under the bus segment, we find out who got new bikes, who got pulled over and who crashed. Then we finish with some of our favorite listener emails.
With Liza, Bagel, Andy, Charley, Nak, Mike, Josh, Phill, Bex, Jeremy and Sonya.
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