Podcast 217: Harley Bashing Again

This week on our motorcycle podcast we start off with Bagel appreciation day. Bagel has been an important fixture in the garage for quite a while, and we just want him to know how important he is.
Next we hear from Andy, who has news about his miserable chopper.
Then we get into the main topic. Liza has been labeled for bashing Harleys, so we try a little counseling to work things out. We are joined by Ted Kettler from the Motorcycle Men Podcast to help us come to a place of mutual respect. We also talk about the new lineup of 2018 Harleys, as well as our recent visit and test ride at a HD dealership.
Lastly, we hear from Charley and Jeremy who spent a day on the track.
With Liza, Bagel, Michael, Naked Jim, Nak, Bex, Miss Emma, Douglas, Andy, Jeremy, Isaac, Charley and Saunya.
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