Podcast 232: Jocelin Snow Returns

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined once again by Jocelin Snow, who regales us with her stories from the recent GS Trophy competition in S. Africa. It was there that she won a place on the team to go to Mongolia next year and compete against the best riders in the world. The competition was grueling, including riding blindfolded, deep mud and sand, and being given a new task to compete after already riding for 15 hours. Upon her return home, after just 3 days of rest she headed out for the LA/Barstow/Las Vegas ride just for fun. As good as a rider is, you’d think she knows what it takes to be the best rider in the world, and that’s exactly what we ask. Everyone put’s in their 2 cents about what riding style requires the most skills.
Next up, we announce the winner of our best holiday themed bike photo. Congrats to Dan Hostiuck for the best photo and giving us a laugh. Then we get to some emails, and give a big thanks to our VIP Patreon supporters. Thanks to you!
Lastly, it’s time for another meeting of the Bikaholics Anonymous, where we confront Bex who’s showing the signs of someone losing control.
With Liza, Bagel, Isaac, Nak, Bex, Miss Emma, Jocelin, Henry and Mycah.
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