Podcast 235: Shawn Thomas is Living the BMW Dream Life

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Shawn Thomas of BMW’s (this will make sense once you listen to the show). Shawn is the brand ambassador for BMW when it comes to all things adventure riding. He’s really got the dream job. He’s also been sharing his passion with his daughter Hailey, and has taken her on adventure trips to Costa Rica and Columbia. We learn a lot about Shawn in our interview, and discover he has the weirdest UTB bike we’ve ever heard. Oh yeah, throughout the interview we were getting messages about Henry, who was hit by a car while we were recording. We dispatched people to help him and his bike. (Bike is crunched, Henry has 2 broken bones in his leg but will be okay).
We also read listener emails, draw names for our swag giveaway, talk briefly about the Dakar rally, and mention a cool new site where you can basically airbnb your motorcycle. www.twistedroad.com/
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