Podcast 237: It’s Deep, It’s Dark, It’s the Britten V1000

This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza gives an update on the Dakar Rally. Congrats to winner Matthias Walkner. Next up, we hear from Naked Jim, who spent the day at the Corbin factory getting a new seat made and hanging out with Mike Corbin himself. Then we hear from Kat who’s got an R6 with problems no one can figure out, and a Ninja 250 gas tank stripping project. Simmer down boys. Not that kind of stripping. Next we enter Emma’s deep and dark History Hole, where we learn why the Britten V1000 may still be the best bike ever made. But it doesn’t end there. Henry joins us for a crash report, and tell’s us how he’s doing after being hit by a car. Lastly, we finish with listener emails, and answer some hard questions to the best of our abilities.
With Liza, Zach, Devin, Isaac, Bagel, Miss Emma, Kat, Nak, Naked Jim, Bex and Henry.
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