Podcast 244: Mystery Guest with Author Mike Rinowski

This week on our motorcycle podcast we play a new game of Mystery Guest. We ask the Misfits to ask yes or no questions and try to figure out what amazing thing our mystery guest has accomplished. But since his journey is so unique, they fail miserably at this game.
Mike Rinowski put 41,000 miles on his Fatboy traveling around Vietnam. It started out as just a way to spend his free time, but turned into an emotional journey paying homage to our lost soldiers there. And on his return to the states, he rode that same bike across America to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall, which brought everything full circle for him. He tells the store of this awesome experience in his book, Harley Tracks: Across Vietnam to The Wall.
Next up we find out we hear from Mike about his new bikes. Charley does an upgrade on his brakes. Mycah learns a lesson about petcocks. Liza reveals a new toy. Nak goes on a drunken rant. Lastly, we read listener emails.
With Liza, Henry, Mycah, Charley, Bagel, Neighbor Mike, Miss Emma, Award Winning Mike, Nak, Naked Jim, Saunja and Julie.
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