Podcast 245: Austin Rothbard of Twistedroad.com

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Austin Rothbard of Twistedroad.com. We’ve mentioned this site before, which is being called the Airbnb of motorcycle rentals. Austin has joined us to explain how this really works, and put to ease all the concerns you may have in renting your bike to a stranger.
Next up we play a round of What’s It Worth, British auction style. See how well Miss Emma stacks up against the peanut gallery.
Then we discuss the latest announcement about Harley Davidson partnering with Alta Motors. Will this be the right move for Harley? Or is this a better move for Alta?
Lastly, we finish with listener emails and ride announcements.
With Liza, Frank, Award Winning Mike, Bagel, Nak, Austin, Miss Emma, Naked Jim, Bex, Lauren and Isaac.
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