Podcast 246: From Disco Balls to Dildos; Racing with John Knowles

This week on our motorcycle podcast we let Bex take the wheel and drive. We start out talking about what we’re working on in the garage. Then we get an accident update from both Henry and Mike, who learned a lot of valuable lessons dealing with lawyers and insurance agents. Next up we interview MotoAmerica racer John Knowles, who Bex met when she held an umbrella for him at a race. That’s correct, Bex and Kat were umbrella girls. We talk about what it’s like to be a motorcycle racer, and what goes through your head at the starting line.
With Bex, Frank, Naked Jim, Nak, Bagel, John, Kat, Liza, Award Winning Mike and Henry. Special appearance by Mike the Squid.
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