Podcast 252: Mud-1 Liza-0

This week on our motorcycle podcast we share our stories from our dirt biking trip this weekend.
Mycah got smart and discovered a beginning dirt biking class and gained a lot of confidence and skill from it..
Liza got beat up by a mud hole and was launched off the trail.
Charley and Douglas rescued a bike that was launched off a cliff.
Liza is looking for a light/midweight adventure bike and Charely has a good suggestion.
There’s been another rider death in our city, and we discuss how it might have happened.
We read listener emails and try our best to be helpful without the expertise of Emma.
Lastly, Bagel gives us an update on the resurrection of his Cannonball Vespa rebuild.
With Liza, Mycah, Evan, Bagel, Nak, Charley and Isaac.
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