Podcast 257: A Most Excellent Sh*t Show with Andrew, M.A. and Chris Wiggins

This week on our motorcycle podcast we have a lively gang of misfits, so you know it’s going to be fun.
We hear from Liza who got a little autosexual at Laguna Seca. But don’t worry, there were bikes there too.
We share stories about dealing with Craigslist scammers, and how to score some deals.
We have a lively debate about flushing brake lines. Let us know what you think.
We get a surprise visit from Chris Wiggins, who stops in on his return from racing at the Sacramento Mile flat tracking.
We get another surprise visit from Naked Jim and Bex, who have just returned from watching the races that Chris was in.
With Joe, Isaac, Miss Emma, Liza, Bagel, Kat, M.A., Andrew, Nak, Chris, Naked Jim and Bex.
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