Podcast 256: Flock To The Rock

We bring to you the Flock To The Rock interviews. Liza had the opportunity to attend this all women’s moto event in Seaside, Oregon, where she spoke on the Chickistan Panel and managed to sneak in some interviews along the way.
We start with Ruth Belcher of Global Moto Adventures, who is also the organizer and fellow Chickistanner. She’s got a passion for motorcycling that comes through in everything she does.
Then we meet Pat Jacques of advwoman.com. She was a badass motocross racer, and now has her own school to give women the skills they need in the dirt.
Next up we hear from long distance rider and author Lynda Lahman. She started out riding on the back of her husband’s bike, and now completes the Iron Butt Rally on her own bike.
Then we meet Kimberly Johnson, who has found her special place on her Triumph America named Tiffany. She did a really cool project helping children in Thailand, and giving away free helmets to anyone in need.
We finish up with Cassia, Michelle, Beth and Lee who talk about their favorite moments from the weekend.
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