Podcast 267: Motorcycle Man

This week on our motorcycle podcast we interview filmmaker Daniel Lovering from the Motorcycle Man documentary. Daniel chose to tell the story of Dave Roper, the only American to win the Isle of Mann TT, and who has raced every year since 1972. We can’t wait for this film to be finished, and to learn more about this great character Dave.
Next up we hear from Award Winning Mike, who won another award at this year’s Redwood Rumble. He gives us an update on this local event.
Then Liza and Jim talk about their recent ride through the hills, and after that, Jim tells us a story about his teenage son and the trouble you attract when you ride a pink scooter.
Lastly, we answer listener’s questions, including what’s the perfect first bike for a very large rider.
With Liza, Nak, Mike, Bagel, Miss Emma, Bryan, Bex, Henry, Naked Jim and Isaac.
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