Podcast 268: LA Stories

Liza and Jim took a trip to LA to take in as much of the SoCal motorcycle culture as they could, conducting interviews along the way. This show features some of the highlights.
They start with the Custom Revolution exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum where Paul D’Orleans has helped to curate an exhibit of custom bikes from around the world. And with the Petersen’s know how in displaying vehicles in new and insightful ways, you can spend hours staring and taking in all the details in craftsmanship. They also explore the other motorcycles throughout the museum, getting stories along the way, and even getting access to the bikes in the vault not currently on display.
Next they visit the Garage Company, brain child of builder and collector Yoshi Kosaka. This place is a museum and a custom bike building wonderland. Definitely want to go back and spend more time there. They were fortunate to run into builder Jeremy Hutch, who they had met at the One Show in Portland. They sit down with Hutch and learn more about his background and building style.
Lastly they visit the famed Lucky Wheels Garage, a co-op motorcycle space that immediately feels like coming home. They threw a little barbeque co-hosted with Junky Turdman from the Creative Riding Podcast, and ask the attendees Liza’s favorite question.