Podcast 259: Like A Fenix, Skully Is Back

This week on our motorcycle show, we bring to you a great show.
-We start with Liza explaining how she’s broken the local gay pride parade.
-Special Guest Terry Stickler from Skully Technologies brings us up to date as we approach the rebirth of their Heads Up Display helmets.
-We discuss the viral video of the police car knocking down a biker while in pursuit. Is there any situation where this isn’t wrong?
-Liza has another Craigslist story, and this time she might just have crossed the line.
-Carmel gives us an update on the GS Trophy over in Mongolia.
-Jim gives an update on Erzberg Rodeo, and the snafu with the Alta bikes.
-Emma says a sorrowful goodbye to local favorite, Raber’s Parts Mart.
-Jim got a new bike!
-We finish up with emails.
With Liza, Henry, Isaac, Miss Emma, Carmel, Bex, Naked Jim and Nak.
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