Podcast 260: Hipsters Are Cool

This week on our motorcycle podcast we get a ride report from the Vampire’s Rally, including a crash analysis of an accident on the ride. Then we hear from Jim and Liza who just returned from a trip to LA doing interviews and checking out the scene. (Note: Hipsters are on to something.) Next up we check out the new Honda Cub and Monkey bikes, and predict which will be the bigger success.
We catch up with Evan who got a new bike, and finally hear from Mike who goes into details about the Suzuki Savage bobber he just built.
Lastly, we finish with emails and announcements. Congratulations to this month’s Patreon Prize Pack winner, David Rupps.
With Liza, Electric Terry, Dan, Jon, Mike, Henry, Matthew, Miss Emma, Evan, Naked Jim and Bex.
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