Podcast 261: Road Trippin Across Americuh

This week on our motorcycle podcast we have a large and rambunctious crowd, but somehow manage to keep it on task and have a fun time.
First we hear from Nak, who won this week’s TJ Hooker award by thwarting some criminals from stealing his bike.
Then we hear from Bagel, who just returned from his trip across the country on his Vespa in the Scooter Cannonball Run, and somehow managed to avert death on worn out tires.
Then we hear an interview with author Mike Baron, who wrote a series of books about a bad ass, Harley riding ex-con turned private investigator, who’s living the life many bikers wish they could. Find it on Amazon and Kindle.
Next up we hear from fellow podcast host and biker Matthew Banks, who’s only been riding 6 months, but is heading out on his first cross country moto adventure. We give him as much advice as we can on making it a safe and fun trip.
Lastly, we read listener emails, and answer the question “Have you ever been one with your bike?”
With Liza, Mycah, Henry, Electric Terry, Isaac, Bagel, Miss Emma, Matthew, Bex, Bryan, Brandon and Nak.
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