Podcast 272: Zee Traveler is Living the Moto Life

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Zee Traveler. She took off on a 1 month motorcycle trip 2 years ago, and found the calling for the moto life. She’s logged 42,000 miles so far, and has big plans to continue traveling. She’s experiencing life the way many of us wish we could, but she’s also made the sacrifices needed to be a nomad. She left her family behind, and has found her place in this bigger moto family.
Next up, we play a new game called “Lets Be Honest”, where we reveal the real cc size of some very common bikes. Then we discuss some big news, including plans for a new trip from Charley and Ewan called Long Way Up, and the new V8 electric bike from Curtiss called the Hera.
Lastly we finish with listener emails.
With Liza, Miss Emma, Zee, Henry and Isaac.
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