Podcast 273: Motus, Harley, Alta, City Bike and More

This week on our motorcycle podcast we’ve got a lot of news to cover, so let’s get into it.
Motus is shutting it’s doors for now, but we hope they can make it work.
Harley has split from Alta, and we’re suspicious that this might be some corporate power move to steal battery tech info from Alta.
Editor Surj Gish from Citybike.com calls in to update us on the changes to City Bike, explain why he’s in a hospital bed, and to launch our new segment called the City Bike Minute.
Bagel gives a report on his ride to Colorado to look at some weird scooters, and Liza gives her report on her first spin in the dirt on the KLR.
Lastly, we finish with listener emails and answer questions.
With Liza, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Electric Terry, John, Naked Jim, and some barking dogs.
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