Podcast 274: John Knowles and the Minibike Endurance Race

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by racer Johnny Knowles, who reports on his recent 24hr race on a minibike. It’s a team event, so he didn’t ride the full 24 hrs alone, but he still managed to complete 120 laps per shift which is no easy task.
But first we get some ride reports from the Misfits, including Paul who did ride 24 hours straight, just to be a Misfit for a day.
We also hear from Kat who has renewed her faith in her Ninja 250 with the help of a drill bit to the carb. Then Nak tries to give everyone a lesson in physics, but we’re still not sure he’s right. But he does, so he’ll sleep great tonight.
And finally we read listener emails, one of which brings up the great helmet law debate again.
With Liza, Nak, Kat, Bagel, Johnny, Paul, Henry, Naked Jim and Justin.
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