Podcast 279: Monkeys, Sheds and Stumps

This week on our motorcycle podcast we start with filling you in on what we’re working on today, including post crash bikes getting fixed and ridden again. Then we’re joined by guest Mark Augustyn, who with his wife, has written two children’s books about a couple of motorcycle riding monkeys. These books are a great gift for the rider that wants to share their motorcycling passion with the children in their lives.
Next up we hear from Naked Jim, who’s been setting up his dream shop, lift and all. We throw in our 2 cents as to what are the essentials for setting up a mechanic’s shop.
Lastly we finish up with listener emails, that bring up topics like “Should I keep riding after a bad crash” and “What bike should I get next”.
With Liza, Bagel, Mike, Scott, Miss Emma, Zee Traveler, Nak and Naked Jim.
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