Podcast 281: AIMExpo 2018 Part 1

Welcome to the first episode in our AIMExpo double dumper. There was so much to see and do there, so many bikes to ride and so many people to interview, that we couldn’t fit it in to one episode. First up we hear from Nak and Naked Jim, who spent the day test riding bikes. There were some surprises, and some expectations met. Listen and find out which was their favorite bike. .
Next we head over to the Sena booth to talk to Kasey, and find out what’s new with this leader in helmet communication systems.
Then we catch up with former guest Cat McLeod of Leod Adventures. He’s broken some bones, and created even more bucket list moto trips, and he tells us all about it.
We run into listeners Dan and Amy, who answer the question of questions for us, and then Nak takes a tour of Honda’s new CR450L.
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