Podcast 283: Moto Relief Project

This week on our motorcycle podcast we’re joined by Bex and Kelly from the Motorcycle Relief Project. This is an organization that provides relief to veterans and first responders with PTSD and other injuries by taking them on structured and professionally led multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. They even have all women’s tours, and are looking for more participants for 2019.
We also hear from Saunya and Segoline, who recently rode down south to the Babes Ride Out event. But things did not go as smoothly as possible for Segoline, who realized at one of the gas stops, that a crucial part of her motorcycle was missing. But isn’t that one of the highlights of a road trip? When things go wrong, and your friends step up and help you figure out how to solve the problem at hand, and get back on the road safely.
With Liza, RJ, Bagel, Segoline, Saunya, Nak and Naked Jim.
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