Podcast 285: Dirtbag Challenge 2018

We bring to your our special once a year Dirtbag Challenge show. This event has moved to yet another location, this time in Oakland. The Misfits made their camp, fired up the grill, and fed hungry strangers once again. But not all were strangers. In fact, the Dirtbag has become like a reunion for many. We see old friends, and make new ones every year. Everyone walks the street looking at bikes and starting conversations, usually around the most interesting or collectable bikes. There’s patch wearing clubs, punk bands, burnouts, children and pets, hooligans and smiles everywhere. We look forward to this every year, and can’t wait for the next go round. Thanks for everything you do Poll, you bloody wanker!
And thanks to special guest Tiffany Camhi, for taking the mic and taking charge.
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