Podcast 287: Well I Love A Rainy Night

This week on our motorcycle podcast we hear from Mycah who recently completed her first track day. What a long way she’s come from since she was just a pillion. Then we hear from Liza, who bravely (or stupidly) rode 100 miles at night in a rainstorm. We give you some tips and advice to help you when you find yourself in the same position. Next up we hear from Emma who comes clean and tells the story of her crash last week. Her pride was her biggest injury. Liza opens her box of cheap accessories she bought from banggood.com, and the Misfits give them a look over and share their opinions on if it was a good deal or total trash. Then we take a moment to share our stories of parking lot drugs. Yes, this is a thing. Lastly we answer listener emails, and pick a winner for this month’s TwistedRoad.com giveaway.
With Liza, Isaac, Charley, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Mycah, Zee, Henry, Naked Jim and Theo.
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