Podcast 288: Traumatic Lap Dance

This week on our motorcycle podcast we bring to you one of the most attended d shit shows in a while. We packed them in deep. First we start with what we did today. Not much work got done, but we did have a surprise birthday party for listener Patrick. Unfortunately we can’t afford the good strippers, so Liza did a dildo lap dance instead that is sure to give him cold sweats for weeks. Next up we give away some IMS tickets by calling listeners at home, and asking them a question. We were 6 for 6, so good job to the winners!
We hear from AJ and Jesse, who are two travelers who’ve chosen life on the road with their bikes. How does someone support the lifestyle, and what drives them to it? Listen and find out. Then we hear from Brandon, who’s preparing to race in the Baja 1000, one of the most grueling motorcycle races in the world. Oh yeah, he’s going to do it on a Zero electric motorcycle. AND, he broke his back this year and has 5 vertebrae fused. AND, he’s never ridden on dirt. Is he going to be successful? My money’s on yes.
With Liza, Electric Terry, Lori, Patrick, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Zee, AJ, Jesse, Morgan, Brandon, Naked Jim and Theo.
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